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Chronic Wasting Disease – How Hunters Can Help

To maintain the health of Saskatchewan’s wildlife population, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) is encouraging hunters to submit heads for Saskatchewan’s Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) testing this hunting season. CWD is a disease that affects the nervous system of deer, elk and moose, and while infected animals may appear healthy for more than a year […]

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Spike in Vehicle-Wildlife Collisions Causes Concern

October 12, 2016 SPIKE IN VEHICLE-WILDLIFE COLLISIONS CAUSES CONCERN For some unexplained reason, the number of vehicular collisions with wildlife has spiked sharply upward compared to last year, and this has the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) concerned. “Harsh winter conditions are hard on our wildlife population,” says SWF Executive Director Darrell Crabbe. “Yet with recent […]

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HABISask stands for Hunting, Angling and Biodiversity Information of Saskatchewan. HABISask is an online mapping application, available on your desktop or cell phone, that brings together new information and existing applications to assist you in your recreational or project planning activities. Whether you’re getting ready for a hunting or angling trip; in the early planning stages for resource development […]

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The whooper has always been at the heart of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) logo, dating back to 1968 when the Federation adopted the Whooping crane as its official emblem.  Flash forward to 2016, and to celebrate its past, present and future, the SWF is launching a new, streamlined logo to reflect the modernized brand […]

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