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The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Habitat Trust Fund was established in 1978.  To date the program has protected over 65,000 acres.  The SWF acquires the land by purchasing identified parcels from the land owner directly and by generous individuals donating land to the Habitat Trust Program.  Individuals who donate land to the Habitat Trust Program receive a tax receipt and a cairn will be placed on the property honoring their donation.

Signage  All Habitat Trust Fund lands have signs in plain view to show the community Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation’s conservation dollars are at work in their area.  These signs are erected as soon as the land is purchased.

Funding   Money is raised for the Habitat Trust Fund  by individual tax deductible donations, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation branch donations, and fundraising events across the province such as:
SWF Hide Collection Program
SWF Antler Collection Program
Annual Habitat Trust Golf Tournament

Land Donation and Wills   The Habitat Trust Fund has been legally established to accept memorials.  Wildlife and our natural resources are held dear to many people in Saskatchewan and often, donations in memory of a loved one are directed to the Habitat Trust Fund.  As well, land or money can be left in wills and estates by people wishing to preserve our natural heritage.  This land is held in perpetuity for wildlife and future generations to enjoy.

Hunting  Hunting is allowed on Habitat Trust lands unless it was a condition of a donation not to allow it.  Persons hunting on Habitat Trust lands must be on foot and must have purchased a license issued by the Saskatchewan government.  The hunter must hunt according to season dates and regulations outlined in the current hunting guide.  Vehicles may only be used to retrieve big game animals.

Recreation  Habitat Trust lands are open all year round to groups and individuals who would like to observe nature.  Youth groups from local branches, school groups and Scouts have used these parcels as part of their learning experience.  They are great areas for bird watching, hiking, identifying plants and animal tracks or just to get away from it all.

Geocaching  The SWF Habitat lands are a great place to find and hide Geocaches.  To learn more about SWF Geocaching click here.

For more information or to help “put a little back” into our wildlife resource by making a contribution please contact central office