Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Conservation Awards


Each year at our convention, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation recognizes individuals and SWF branches for their contributions to conservation of our fisheries and wildlife resources and their dedication to furthering the efforts of the SWF.  (Click on each award for further info.)

Gordon Lund Memorial Award – presented to a person who has contributed the most to the conservation of our fish and wildlife resources.

Clayton Young Memorial Award – recognizes individuals for their volunteer efforts within the SWF.

Resource Management Conservation Award – presented to a professional employee in the conservation or resource management field.

Ed Begin Conservation Award – presented to the SWF branch with the most outstanding conservation project completed in the last year.

Bill McDonald Youth Conservationist of the Year Award – presented to the SWF youth member who has contributed the most to the conservation and enjoyment of Saskatchewan’s fish and wildlife resources.

Honourary SWF Life Membership – presented for outstanding contributions to the promotion of the objectives of the SWF.

Murray Doell Award – recognizing outstanding youth at SWF Outdoor Conservation Camp.

Lorne Topley Memorial Stewardship Award – presented annually to the individual, group, or family
whose actions exemplify excellence in wildlife land stewardship, enhancement and securement.

The SWF Award Procedures may be viewed here.