Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are a great way for land owners to set aside wildlife habitat but retain ownership of their land.  Currently there are over 9000 acres protected under the conservation easement program.  How does the program work?  Landowners identify to the SWF a portion of their property that is good wildlife habitat that they would like to place a conservation easement on.  The SWF will then get an assessment done on the property and based on the number of acres that qualify as wildlife habitat the SWF will pay the landowner 25% of the appraised value to place the conservation easement on the property.  This is a registered interest in the property that ensures that the portion of wildlife habitat placed under the easement remain in it’s natural state for perptuity.  The landowner controls the access to the property but can not remove any of the wildlife habitat.  This is a great way to protect wildlife habitat and have the landowner retain ownership of his property.  For more information on conservation easements please contact central office.