Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Fisheries Enhancement Program

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) is the leader in fisheries enhancement and restoration in Saskatchewan.  Operating through a funding agreement with the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund (FWDF) since 2006, the SWF works with its branches and other partners (watershed stewardship groups, angler groups, community organizations, rural municipalities, all levels of government, etc.) to undertake projects that improve fish habitat and angling opportunities across Saskatchewan.  The SWF also works with numerous cooperators across the province to maintain existing fisheries enhancement projects.

Fisheries enhancement and restoration improves fish habitat, increases the sustainable supply of sport fish and diversifies fishing opportunities for anglers.  Projects include:

  • fish passage restorationFish Enhancement
  • stream restoration and enhancement
  • developing spawning beds and marshes
  • developing and operating rearing ponds
  • developing and maintaining trout ponds
  • angler access improvements
  • installing and operating aeration systems

If you have an idea for a project or wish to discuss the program further, contact Adam Matichuk, Fisheries Project Coordinator at the SWF.