Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Save A Doe – Save Some Dough!

June 6 2017

With vehicle repair costs constantly on the rise, The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) is reminding motorists that driving a little slower through deer country could potentially save them a good deal of money.

Every year, more than 10,000 deer, moose and elk are hit and killed by vehicles. Millions of dollars in vehicle damage as well as numerous human injuries and fatalities. Last year (2016), there were 10,141 reported collisions with deer and 571 collisions with moose. (Keep in mind that not all collisions with wildlife are reported or recorded, so the actual number is higher.) In 2015, two people were killed and 368 were injured as a result. Over $68,000,000 in claims was paid out by SGI.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF), with financial support from SGI, is launching a public awareness campaign to highlight these costly and avoidable collisions. The 21st annual campaign is a resurrected message used a number of years ago titled “Go Slow and Save a Little Doe”. The campaign will consist of both radio and television PSA’s, city and highway billboard images bearing this campaign title, as well as postings to various social media sites.


“Only drivers can prevent a collision with a deer or moose”. SWF Director Darrell Crabbe said. “Animals have no understanding of vehicles, or the danger that they pose when trying to cross the road. At night, headlights from vehicles blind and disorient animals making them even more vulnerable to being hit. June and July are high collision number months because the fawns and calves from the previous year are being abandoned by their mothers. November and December are even higher because of the annual breeding season”.

For more information on “Go Slow and Save a Little Doe” contact

At SWF – Darrell Crabbe, Executive Director – (306) 692-8812 or cell (306) 630-8780

At SGI – Tyler McMurchy, Manager of Media Relations – (306) 751-1837