Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Saskatchewan Angling Registry

The Saskatchewan Angling Registry is a program developed by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) in partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan to record trophy-sized fish caught legally in Saskatchewan’s public waters and to recognize the anglers that catch those fish. With 21 eligible game and non-game fish species, fish that meet or exceed the minimum size requirements may be entered in the catch and release or catch and keep categories. All qualifying entries will be acknowledged with a certificate and the angler will be entered into a draw for a prize package.

The program was launched in 2012 to provide a comprehensive database of trophy-sized fish caught in Saskatchewan waters. To populate the database, nearly 2,000 historical entries were taken from a variety past and present record-keeping programs operated by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and the Government of Saskatchewan. These historical entries are based only on the information that was available to the SWF when the database was compiled and are in no way a complete record of all trophy-sized fish caught in Saskatchewan.

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