Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Operation Respect

With the promotion of Operation Respect signs and Hunter Courtesy Cards, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation:

  • respects the rights of landowners;
  • fosters and understanding for the need for responsible behaviour by all outdoor recreationists;
  • encourages better hunter/landowner relations;
  • counters non-hunting critics by setting a proactive, positive example of SWF members as good conservationists; and
  • boasts and reinforces the SWF’s public image as a leader in conservation and conservation education.



  Access to private land is a privilege, not a right, and with privilege comes the duty to act as responsible caretakers and conservationists.



A Hunter’s Pledge

Responsible hunting provides unique challenges and rewards.  However, the future of the sport depends on each hunter’s behavior and ethics. Therefore, as a hunter, I pledge to:

  • Respect the environment and wildlife.
  • Respect property and landowners.
  • Show consideration for non-hunters.
  • Hunt safely.
  • Hunt only with ethical hunters.
  • Know and obey the law.
  • Support wildlife and habitat conservation.
  • Pass on an ethical hunting tradition.
  • Strive to improve my outdoor skills and understanding of wildlife.

By following these principles of conduct each time I go afield, I will give my best to the sport, the public, the environment and myself.  The responsibility to hunt ethically is mine: the future of hunting depends on me.

Hunter’s Pledge provided by the Izaak Walton League of America.