Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments are broad and many.  In addition to the ongoing programs, we work on special projects with affiliated organizations in this province and across the country to promote the responsible use and preservation of our habitat.

Did you know, we:

• hold title to over 60,000 acres of excellent habitat in  our Habitat Trust Program.

• have received over 93 donations of land to this program.

• have raised over $1.5 million in our Habitat Trust Hide  Collection Program since its inception.

• have over 400,000 acres voluntarily enrolled in our  Wildlife Tomorrow program.

• have planted over 1,000,000 trees to provide food and  cover for wildlife, erosion control, and snow catch.

•worked with government to implement Sunday hunting, as a  result of resolutions by our Federation.

•worked with government to ensure the Firearm Safety/Hunter  Education program is mandatory, as a result of resolutions by our Federation.

• initiated and have worked with governments to secure 3.4  million acres of crown land in the Wildlife Habitat Protection Act, whereby  these lands are protected against exploitation and maintained for their present  uses of haying, grazing, and wildlife habitat.

• initiated the Fish & Wildlife Development Fund – a  government fund built from an impost of game, fur and fishing licenses  to be used for the purchase and enhancement of important wildlife and fisheries  habitat.