Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation



Nov 15 is Saskatchewan Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Heritage Day

Abundant fish and wildlife in Saskatchewan is due in large part to the joint contributions of hunters, anglers and trappers supporting provincial activities to conserve fish and wildlife habitats and heritage activities, and we want to share these stories with the rest of the province!

This November, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation would like you to join us in celebrating Saskatchewan Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage day, held in recognition of the important contributions hunting, trapping and angling have made to quality of life, health, conservation, culture and economy in Saskatchewan.

We have local celebrities, researchers,  businesses and naturalists all over the province taking part, and we greatly encourage branches to take this opportunity to get involved with local businesses.


On November 15, wear an article of camouflage clothing to work. Share a photo of yourself in camo, or a story of your favourite hunting, trapping or fishing memory it on social media feed with the hashtag #CamoDay to show your support and potentially win one of several SWF prize packs.


Contact Chelsea at for more information, or call 306-692-8812.