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OTC Archery Mule Deer Tags

We have received a number of emails regarding the SWF’s position on Over the Counter (OTC) Archery Mule Deer tags in response to comments made by Ministry of Environment staff at the Wildlife Advisory Committee meeting yesterday. The SWF was unaware that any proposal regarding changes to the OTC Mule Deer archery opportunity were going to be suggested.

Comments have been made that the SWF are not opposing this proposal. However, the SWF does NOT have a position or policy regarding the OTC Archery Mule Deer tags.

The SWF’s positions and policies are developed primarily through the resolution process. Resolutions are usually passed at the Branch level, forwarded to the Regional level, if passed again move on to the Convention. If successfully passed (over 2/3rds majority) they either create new policy, endorse existing policy or reverse existing policy.

At our recent Annual Convention, a resolution was presented:

EITHER SEX MULE DEER TAGS – Region 4 (Regina) 

WHEREAS the number of either sex mule deer draw tags has decreased substantially in recent years (8225 to 3987  in the last 10 years), and 

WHEREAS the number of applications for either sex mule deer draw tags has increased substantially in all zones in recent years (14,540 to 30,061 in the last 10 years), and 

WHEREAS the odds of getting drawn out of Super A pool for either sex mule deer has decreased from 100% in most zones to less than 15% in most zones, and 

WHEREAS archery hunters have been able to buy a tag ‘over the counter’ every year to hunt either sex mule deer, therefore 

BE IT RESOLVED that the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation recommend to the Ministry of Environment that either sex mule deer tags be awarded only through the Big Game Draw. 


This resolution was defeated 49% in favor – 51% opposed and therefore, did not create a position for the SWF.

Our mandate is to advocate on behalf of all hunters and hunting opportunities within Saskatchewan.

Organizations like the Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association (SBA), Saskatchewan Black Powder Association (SBPA), Saskatchewan Trappers Association (STA) and others advocate on behalf of those individual activities and we defer to them in those situations.

Those groups also occasionally request our support on various issues and our Board considers those on a case by case basis.

The SWF is committed to science based management of our wildlife and fisheries resources. We will research the information and justifications supporting this proposal, and all the other presented proposals, over the next few days. As we have always done in the past, the SWF Board of Directors will determine necessary advocacy action at that point and provide all the available information and recommendations to our members at that time.

Yours in Conservation,

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